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• Pothole Repairs
• Removal and Replacement
• Resurfacing
• Milling and Paving
• Crackfilling
• Coal Tar Sealcoating
• Emulsion Sealcoating
• Lot Marking


• Sidewalk Installation and Replacement
• Concrete Flat Work
• Dumpster Pad Installation and Replacement
• Curb Installation and Replacement
• Stoop and Stair Installation and Replacement
• Caulking
• Catch Basin Installation, Replacement & Repair
• Grinding
• Bollard Post Installation and Replacement
• Sawcutting and Core Drilling
• Trench Drains

More Services

• ADA Updates and Signage
• Brick Paver Installation and Replacement
• Excavation
• Subgrade Stabilization Fabric Installation
• Stone Installation
• Underdrain Installation
• Power Washing
• Thermoplastic Installation
• Car/Truck Stops – Bumper Blocks

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About us

Peter Walkin
Robert Porter

Established in 2005, Black Diamond Paving is a full service concrete and asphalt pavement management company serving the Chicago Metropolitan area and Northwest Indiana.

Our mission is to thoroughly recognize the needs of our clients and provide a variety of quality and affordable solutions to meet those needs in a timely and professional manner. By putting our customers concerns first we strive to build relationships that last. We take pride in what we do and treat every parking lot as we would our own. We think it shows.

Black Diamond Paving
Dependable. Affordable. A Cut Above.


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